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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Second Life Scripts for Doors

So, in a prior post I wondered aloud why we would need doors with hinges. I was posting this because I was building my skybox and not totally satisfied with my options for scripts. I'm an okay scripter, but since I'm self-taugh, I often don't know WHY something doesn't work. So, I broke down and used a script with a rotating door on hinges. This script is the best, open-source, script I could find that EASILY allows one to create a door like RL. You need to follow the directions exactly as they are on the webpage and in the script. Make sure you type "/door closed" and "/door opened" because any other spelling won't work. In all other ways, this script is the easiest way to make a door.

Thank Timeless Prototype for making this script available and donate to him via paypal, if you find it useful.

Once I have time, I'm hoping to combine Timeless' script with some sort of locking mechanism. I found one, but I can't find it again. LOL! OH! You might want to check out Bob Sutor's blog for other ways to make doors. He's got a section on building by example that's very useful.


Miles Beck said...

Dorje, You can use the commands 'lock' and 'unlock' with the Timeless script. See the comments near the top of the script.

By the way, an SL update several weeks ago made it impossible for the script to store rotation data in the Name and Description fields. The script will work unless it's reset. It is designed to read the data from Name and Description after a reset. There are some workarounds; one scripter sent a modified version to me that uses a notecard to store the data. IM me if you'd like a copy of that script.

Noelyci Ineucelia said...

Dorje, I'm not sure I'm using the timeless script but I believe it's the same since it's from the lsl wiki. The doors don't have to be rotated if we are using the same one. You can slide them, or resize them to make them open, I do it all the time. I usually create pocket doors this way. If you want to read my post about doors it's at: