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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Conversations with 3D Visual Support in SL

World Cafe combines facilitated conversation and visual thinking to promote new ideas, links, and understanding. Often their work shows a visual pattern of living relationships: conversations, relationships, and mental processes and paradigms. Now they are taking this process and way of thinking into Second Life. They had an event recently that used their process:

"There have been other brief World Café forays into Second Life, but this was the first I know of that used a process so close to the ‘real’ World Café format."
Yet is wasn't really SL centric because the recorder created a graphic offline in 2D. I would say that SL is a great envrionment for a 3D version of visual pattern creation. You could create the map in-world using the building tools in SL. You would need to have an amazing builder, but it could be done.

I once played primtionary, which is pictionary but you create the pictures with 3D objects. I was surprised at how thought provoking it was and how it made one think of things in different ways. Spatial thinking was one new way because you could "feel" a spatial difference. I used colored boxes, and set-up in a hierarchy to give a sense of familial relationships with the addition of a blinking color script - everyone in the room knew that the blinking box was grama. I think this could work in SL as well.

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