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Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Don't look at me little puppet!"

So which is it? Is the avi my puppet or am I the puppet of my avi? Second (Real) Audience vs. Real (Second) Audience

The quote in the title is from a movie. I'll give you a prize in-world if you know what movie it's from. Email, IM, call, or comment to give me your answer.


Chrisy Jewell said...

Don't look at me little puppet!....Ehmmm,Pinocchio? :D

Dorje Kawabata said...

lol....nice guess Chrisy, but sadly wrong. *chuckles* I liked this one. Once I tell the answer, you should watch the movie and imagine this scene as if it was Pinnocchio. It will make you laugh. XD

Dorje Kawabata said...

Whelp it look like Chrisy was the only guesser. The quote is from "American Me" during the moment when the older brother is choking his younger brother to prove to the gang that he's hard. Awful, awful scene. So Chrisy, email me and we can talk about getting you a free set of wings or something else cool in SL. I liked your guess. lol

edgar rodriguez said...

its from American Me (1992)