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Friday, March 28, 2008

A Bunch of Links

It's Friday and I don't want to work at work, nor at blogging; so, I'm giving you all a bunch of links to enjoy. Hopefully this will help you pass the time and you'll be yelling "whoo hoo I'm done" soon.

Lainy Voom Machinima

I love Lainy's stuff as you can tell by my posts. Enjoy them yourself.

Social Research Foundation
The group has been researching users of SL (whoop did I just use a trademark to promote a product! TOO BAD!) since 2003, and they have a GREAT report analyzing users of Second Life.

Gwyn’s Home » Second Life® Bloggers Require Clarification
Gwyn says, "Tell us that you won't sue us for promoting YOU product and we won't be pissy. " Well she says it lots better. *grin*

Second Life Library Project » Blog Archive » Infoisland Universe
Video! I loves video.

inSL Reactions (What Is This Crap?)
A link to links re: inSL trademark issue. :-P

Modeling Real Life in Virtual Worlds « The ARCH
Another video, but this one's on architecture in virual worlds.

R TM (What Is This Crap?)
Get one! Wear one!

Well that's it for now. *sigh* I guess I should try to find lunch and then organize my staples.

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