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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Nicki and I explored two builds. The first one is called Tunnel of Light from Rezzable. This build requires the Windlight Release Candidate viewer to enjoy the effects and textures. This was my first time using the Windlight viewer and I spent A LOT of time being dazzled by the pretty lights and water before I realized I should take snapshots. Here are a few from the experience. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try even if you've never used SL's test software before.

It was an amazing experience. I'm hoping to get better at taking snapshots to capture the great stuff in SL.

Then we moved to Loscusolus (130, 170, 22). This was a build that made me think of greifer attacks as an artform. I won't ruin some of the fun stuff, but know that you'll prolly have to relog a few times.

Here are some shot of what happens when you click on some poseballs:

Nicki Shooting Me Like an Arrow

Um comment

You too can be a part of an art piece:

I hope you enjoy them both.

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