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Monday, May 19, 2008

Links for Today

Brands and Worlds. Who’s the Daddy? : Kzero
    This is an excellent article on RL brands and virtual worlds. Trys to answer the question: "Do brands need VW?"
How Second Life Affects Real Life - TIME

This article summarizes research on how having an avatar affects how you view yourself in RL. For example, if you have a "good-looking" avi, you will feel more confident in RL. What does it mean when you have wings I wonder?
Share videos, Create compilations, Add slides and annotations | Omnisio
This piece of online software looks interesting if you want to do a video presentation with slides. I get annoyed when you get to see the speaker whose talking about certain slide, but you don't get to see the slides in the video.
Vara Software : ScreenFlow - Professional Screencasting Studio
I'm thinking I need to download this for some screencasting fun. Although, I first need a reason to screencast. *sighs* Never mind.

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