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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Museum of the Real

A while ago, as I was building a replica of an Asian-inspired house, I was listening to Under the Radar (I think it was Episode #1) and Radar's conversation with Crap Mariner. Crap talked about his struggle to understand those who, when faced with the ability to create the incredible, choose to recreate the Real. And I thought, "Yeah man, WTF is up with THAT!" Then searched for the exact texture for a rice paper door I saw in a book.

So I'm still reading "The Emerging Geographies of Virtual Worlds" and Taylor talks about the desire to capture that which seems to be disappearing and allow others to experience it; or to create a space that one cannot be exposed to in the Real unless one is of a certain socio-economic background. He calls it the "Museum of the Real (Taylor, 1997, pg. 185)." So I think that's the answer. There is a desire to protect that which we lose or have what we can't in ROL (Rest of Life); yet, I'd much rather have an Asian style house that listens for the command, "Autobots! Transform!" and turns into a robot. *grin*

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